Promo item & Corporate gift

Compact mirrors can be printed and engraved on, making them another tool in your marketing and promo activities. Considering the size of the mirror, we can place every kind of logo, even the biggest ones. Quality of the printing and engraving meet the market’s requirements.

With a little of Swarovski sparkle, it’s possible to make this promo item more exclusive. It can be made fully of the crystals, but it will be an expensive promo item, not all companies can afford that kind of product.

All decoration methods (printing, engraving, Swarovski crystals) are made in Europe, Czech Republic, and we take care of all the processes, and check the quality constantly, to make sure you will get the best promo item on the market.

Your logo, your design – we can make our compact mirrors look like they are yours.

What makes a good corporate gift? Well there are a lot of theories, but I’m sure that high quality and the fact that this product will be often used are almost in any of those theories. We can supply high quality and unique corporate gift. When printed or engraved design is not enough, there is always a hand touch. We can add a couple of Swarovski crystals to the whole picture to make it more exclusive corporate gift, or make your logo entirely out of crystals to make it one of the kind.

Mont Bleu can supply other products, suitable for promotional ideas and corporate gifts, and many of them are our own production from scratch to final packing. For example glass nail files are great as a promotional item or corporate gift. Contact us now for more information. Compact mirrors are also great as a corporate gift.

Where to buy these compact mirrors? Please visit where to buy page for more information.

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