Hand decorated compact mirrors

Welcome to www.Compact-Mirrors.net, a Mont Bleu’s website intended to introduce one of our best products, Compact Mirrors. But not ordinary compact mirrors, which of course are also available, we offer hand decorated compact mirrors with Swarovski crystals (genuine SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS).

Compact mirrors are elegant and practical, you can put them in your pocket or in a purse; they are packed in a pouch that will protect it from damage.

Compact mirrors can be used as a gift, promotional item, bridesmaid’s gifts or corporate gift. Try looking through some of the pages to get the idea of why we think it can work. Of course there are other ways of using the compacts, and we would love to hear how we can make them happen for you.

The compact mirrors are made of iron, plastic or aluminum. There are many designs, color variations and packing options to choose from. Please browse through the website to see the photos or head right to the photo gallery.

We are looking for wholesalers and retailers interested in new and original products to sell as gifts or souvenirs. Among all the cosmetic tools on the market, compact mirrors are one of the most used.  Handy tool that will always be demanded, presented in several variations. Interested in selling our products please contact us by email or phone.

High-quality metal or plastic case, two mirrors, including a magnifying one, plus amazing decoration – all of these about compact mirrors from Mont Bleu.

We are ready to supply required amounts in reasonable time of delivery. Detailed information about stock, prices and other general information can be obtained by contacting us.

Where to buy these compact mirrors? Please visit where to buy page for more information.

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